GP Peace Pillows

"The Ultimate In Home Comfort Tool"

Our comforting eye & neck pillows are filled with organic flax seeds & mixed with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Every cover is carefully chosen, cozy, removable and machine washable. Known as "dream pillows", these little gems have been around for hundreds of years and are the ultimate in home comfort tool. They're also the perfect prop for yoga classes, meditation, breathing practice or simply to aid in getting those little ones to sleep at night!

At first glance, they are small, rectangular, flax filled bags. However, do not underestimate this sweet, little, beautifully scented pillow. Weighted perfectly for your eyes, the gentle acupressure of this little gem will coax your eyes to sink calmly back into your head and help you relax.

Eye pillows are not only for yogis and yoga studios. Every day, our eyes deal with constant visual stimulation from the moment they open in the morning. Often resulting in strain, tension, fatigue or screen overload. To be at our best, we really do need to slow down, breathe and let go. (Yes, I know, easier said than done.)

GP Peace Pillows are handcrafted and filled as they are ordered, the essential oils do fade a little after time. Many customers add a 1 ml bottle of the oil to their order so they can add extra oil to their can too!

How To Use Our Eye Pillows

Headaches & Tired Eyes - Leave the insert in your freezer and apply on your eyes.

Before Bedtime - Warm slightly in the microwave to help you relax.

With Kids - Aids in comforting at bedtime, our pillows take the attention away from having to go to bed, and blocks out the light. Kids tend to focus on the eye pillows instead of on the chore of going to bed.

During Massage - The smell of lavender and the acupressure of the pillow with promote a greater sense of relaxation.

During Belly Breathing - Place the pillow on your stomach while practicing breath work, the gentle weight on your belly will focus your awareness on the movement of your abdomen. 

Yoga ~ To help you let-go during savasana - used to achieve ultimate relaxation. 

Meditating & Visualizing  - Blocks out stimulus, and helps soften unwanted thoughts. 


How GP Peace Pillows Work

Eye pillows will not only block out the light, it will also stimulate your vagus nerve, (via the gentle pressure around your eyes), which will in turn, act on your heart and digestive system. The vagus nerve is part of the parasympathetic nervous system and promotes tranquility, or "rest & digest" functions.

• releasing facial muscle tension 
• blocking out light completely and sending a signal to the brain that it's time to relax
• calming the active muscles around the eyes and forehead
• making it easier to focus on breathing in yoga class or during meditation
• alleviating the pain and tension from headaches, migraines, and eyestrain
• alleviating or aid in reducing depression, stress, and anxiety

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils
Locally Handmade

Dimensions & Materials

Our eye pillows are hand-crafted and filled as they are ordered.
Pillow are made with 100% cotton muslin.
We only use 100% therapeutic grade essential oils in our Peace Pillows.

Width  4 inches
Length (widest point) 8 inches
Weight XXX oz
Filling (inside) 100% Organic Flax Seeds

My you find peace in all things you touch. May your energy only attract people you'll come to love. And may your heart be content with that. - Overluxlusive

Local Pick Up/Delivery

Local pick and/or delivery is available. Private message me for details. 

Canada Wide Shipping

We ship all over Canada. Depending on Province, shipping rates vary.

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