A list of 15 ways to use essential oils in your house:)

So, I wanted to share this list quite a while ago…but for some reason I’ve been holding back and just saved it in my files. And then I forgot that I even wrote it.

Maybe I was waiting for the perfect time. Maybe I just forgot.

Why would I want to share this? Well, one of my pet peeves is when someone shares their love of oils, gets you to purchase a bunch of oils, (or you buy them online or from the store)…and then you let them sit there.

You just don’t know where to start.

You probably know lavender is for calming…but did you also know it’s great for soothing skin irritations and inflammation?

You may also have heard Tea Tree is a great anti-fungal, but did you know it does wonders for your acne issues?

So…if you are here, right now reading this, I am assuming you are a little curious as to what it is like to live a life with oils:)

I hope this helps you a little!

Upon waking up…

  1. I head downstairs for my cup of coffee, but also pour a big glass of water with 1 drop of Slim & Sassy, (Designed to help boost your metabolism and manage hunger cravings, it’s a blend of  Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, and Cinnamon)

  2. Add a few oils to the diffuser before calling the sleeping kiddos, (usually something simple like peppermint and wild orange, Citrus bliss, or Motivate)

  3. If there are tons of colds and flues going around, typically during the winter, I will have made an OnGuard hand sanitizer or rollerball for my kids to keep handy at school.

  4. After everyone is gone, I usually sit down and plan my day, write down goals, post for my pages etc. Just before this, I add 2 drops of Balance on my heart and breathe, (this is hopefully after ALL 4 kids get to school). Balance is my go to blend for centering and calming. I NEVER do not have it in our house. I have a bottle in my purse, by my bed, an extra rollerball handy by my computer.

  5. Because I work from home, most of the time, showering is usually just before lunch, (don’t judge) lol  Typically, I use:

  • doTERRA shampoo & conditioner

  • homemade sugar scrub (lemon is my favourite, I know, simple)

  • a soap bar made by one of my friends, full of yummy oils

  1. Exiting the shower I oil myself down with a blend made with fractionated coconut oil and keep in a mason jar with a pump. This blend: lavender, ylang ylang, Frankincense & wild orange.

  2. Before drying my hair, I add the Root to Tip Serum by doTERRA, (this was one of those products that I got for free with my points, but now always get, it’s one of my favourite products for sure).

  3. Brush my teeth with OnGuard toothpaste and use a home made mouth wash (OnGuard, aloe vera, baking soda & distilled water)

  4. If it’s laundry day, I add a few drops of lemon to the whites, tea tree to gross, stinky clothes and lavender to my wool dryer balls.

  5. For cleaning, well, it’s ALL essential oil based around here for sure! (if you are to start experimenting and learning to use essential oils, cleaners are a great place to start).  OnGuard cleaner concentrate for easy mixing of all-purpose sprays. Lemongrass and tea tree to clean my yoga mat. Tea tree to clean moldy window ledges. Cassia and wild orange in baking soda for sprinkling and freshening up mattresses, carpets and rugs. Lemon to remove labels from plastics and glass. A blend of Borax, vinegar, lemon and lavender for toilet bowl cleaner.

  6. When the bathrooms get stinky, everyone in the house uses our home made bathroom “poo poo” sprays! The combinations are endless Simple and fresh: lemon and peppermint or Cheer or OnGuard or even Douglas Fir with Citrus Bliss, (this smells like root beer).

  7. In my purse, on the go, I will roll on a favourite “personal scent”. A perfume made with essential oils can pretty much be anything that makes you feel good, happy, and is pleasing to those around you. Blends like Geranium + wild orange. Or patchouli, grapefruit + ylang ylang. Or even a simple citrus  blend of wild orange, lime + tangerine.

Handy in my purse as well: homemade lip balm, (lavender, orange and helichrysum), peppermint beadlets for car sickness, OnGuard & Easy Air cough drops. I also have a tube of Correct-x in my purse and in our First Aid kit in the kid’s bathroom, (this replaces Polysporin, can be used for really dry, chapped, infected lips, cold sores, cuts etc)

  1. Car diffuser, (our family loves peppermint, spearmint or tangerine).

  2. For aches and pains  we keep Deep Blue oil and rub handy. I am pretty sure we have around 3 tubes of the rub floating around in bags and bedrooms! Deep Blue Polyphenol complex is also kept handy:) This supplement is extremely effective, (it’s a supplement that consists of polyphenol extracts of frankincense, turmeric, green tea, ginger, pomegranate, and grape seed, and is designed to provide soothing support to aching muscles).  

  3. Lastly, I went around my house and found a few other products that I love, perhaps could make them on my own, but probably not as good as doTERRA: Body Butter, (soooo heavenly, and not greasy at all, smells divine). Mud Mask, (this is the bomb).

So, as you can see, our lives revolve around the use of essential oils…and we wouldn’t have it any other way!! 

That’s it!! How we use essential oils in our home…on a daily basis…in a nutshell:)

If you ever want to chat more about slowly introducing essential oils into your home, shoot me a message:) You can connect with me here:)

And if you’d like to get your hands on some right away, click here to get your own wholesale customer account, (with your membership you’ll get lots of extra support, access to a private FB group, a welcome package and free team events and classes). 

Cheers! Your’s in health and wellness,

Kel :o)


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