5 Awesome ideas for gift giving at the end of the school year!!

Hi there!! If you joined my “live” this past Wednesday, we went over some very simple, inexpensive, thoughtful gifts to share with your teachers, coaches and support staff this year.

Did you miss the live? Every Wednesday, NOON, (well, sometimes I’m a tad early or late), I try and get on to share whatever is on my mind. Mostly about essential oils, clean living, make + take ideas, lifestyle tips etc.

So, why do I encourage you to make your own gifts, especially while incorporating your essential oils?

  1. It will save you money.
  2. It will save you time.
  3. It is empowering to make and share home made goodies.
  4. Handcrafted, thoughtful gifts are almost always very well received.

Here are my 5 favourite gifts to give. I’m sharing these as year end gifts, but once you get the basic supplies, and always have them on hand, you’ll find you just start sharing them for tons of events, birthdays, housewarming gifts, mother and father’s days, baby and bridal showers!!

Here they are:


Sugar Scrubs & Bath Salts

Foaming Hand Wash

Room/Bathroom Sprays

Toilet Bombs

Rollerballs. I know you may not have these on hand, but if you have essential oils, you really need should have them! They stretch the life of your oils, make it safe to share the benefits of your oils with your kiddos, make it convenient to carry remedies with you at all times!

They come in 5 ml and 10 ml bottles, typically you will find amber glass rollers, (but they come in all sorts of colours these days). All you do is add your oils to the bottom, top off with a carrier oil, (typically grapeseed or fractionated coconut oil). The recipes below are for 10 ml rollerballs.

4 of my favourite recipes for teachers:

Sugar Scrubs & Bath Salts. Now these are super easy, and I am guessing you probably already have most ingredients in your pantry. To keep costs low…use the tiny mason jars and make labels for the top at www.myavery.com

To make the base for any sugar scrub, (amounts are for the small mason jars, 1/2 cup):

  1. 1/2 cup of traditional brown or white sugar. I have used granulated, organic cane sugar from Costco too!
  2. 2-3 Tbsp fractionated coconut, grapeseed, avocado, olive, or sweet almond oil.

To your base you can add a tiny bit of honey or even vanilla extract.

And then add your essential oils. Blends to try:

  • lemon & peppermint
  • lavender & eucalyptus
  • wild orange & Frankincense
  • lavender & grapefruit
  • ginger & orange
  • rosemary & eucalyptus
  • douglas fir, wild orange, lime and lemon

Bath salts, well, they are super simple! Basically, fill your jar with epsom or pink Himalayan salts and then add your oils. Wonderful, relaxing oils to soak in:

  • lavender & frankincense
  • lavender & cedarwood
  • lavender & wild orange & cedarwood
  • bergamot & cypress
  • Serenity (doTERRA’s calming blend)

Foaming Hand Wash. Now, this is a really great gift! One of my absolute favourites to make and share. The best part is when I share the recipe and people realize how easy it really is to make…AND how much money they will save by making their own. For the foaming bottle, you can save and re-use what you already have, or grab some clear or white ones here: EO Nation, an online oil supply company out of Alberta!

Below is a recipe card I shared in one of my classes. You should be able to right click on the picture, save and print out:o)










Room Sprays. I love customizing the labels and sharing this little gift! Typically, you will only need a 2 oz, amber, glass bottle to make a cute, little room spray. If you want to make it into a bathroom spray…that’s awesome too! This year I am actually giving these to the teachers, plus a small Norwex cloth…so fun!

Again, I grab my mister spray bottles from EO Nation

Basic room/bathroom/mister spray recipe, 2 oz bottle:

  • 1 tsp epsom salts
  • 1/2 Tbsp witch hazel (or vodka)
  • 15-20 drops of essential oil

Oil combos to try:

Toilet Bombs. Now, what makes these fun and cute is the container you find to put them in! I love glass jars, with lids from places like Superstore and Homesense. Add a pretty ribbon and some instructions on the lid…so awesome:)

The recipe is quite basic. If you’ve made bath bombs, VERY similar…but less finicky. You can totally just mold these into little balls with your hands, but if you have a cute silicon mold, all the better. I grabbed a bunch from IKEA the last time we were in the city.


1 Cup baking soda

1/2 cup citric acid

1 Tbsp hydrogen peroxide

15-20 drops of essential oils, (use oils or blends that are more anti bacterial, anti viral) Eg. clove and orange, tea tree and lemongrass, OnGuard (doTERRA’s protective blend)

Witch hazel, (in a little mister spray bottle)


  1. Add baking soda and citric acid in a bowl, mix well.
  2. Slowly add hydrogen peroxide, mix in well.
  3. Next, add your essential oils of your choice.
  4. Spray the witch hazel, 8-10 mists at a time to the mix. When you are able to hold the mixture together in a ball, without it crumbling, your mix is ready. I love to simply add to silicon molds, (smaller shapes than you would typically use for bath bombs). In my picture below are little flower molds. Typically, you don’t need to add any colour, best to keep them natural, as toilet bombs are used to deodorize and sanitize your toilet bowl after flushing.



So…I hope that gets you started making and sharing your own goodies!!

And if you need to get your hands on some essential oils, click here to either grab a few retail…or click the “join & save” for wholesale oil prices!!

(A little side note, if you are super interested in oils and would like to join me on this health/make + take journey…a wholesale membership has way more benefits than simply getting awesome oils for rocking prices. EG. free classes, support from me, access to an exclusive, private FB group, team events, wholesale diffusers)

BUT….if you simply have questions, and would like to connect via ZOOM or in person, please don’t hesitate to contact me and we’ll set up a tea/coffee/wine date!!

C: 780-814-9663

E: kel@kellietimmins.com

Yours in health, wellness & oils…


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