A list of the best oil accessory companies around!! (Kellie’s top 15) :)

I’ve been wanting to put this together forever!!!

Here is a list of 15 of my favourite oil accessories companies in Canada and the United States. It’s here on the blog, make sure you bookmark it for easy access. I have also added the file below so you can easily print it out as well.

EO Nation. This is my regular “go to” company because she has the basics, and they are always high quality and packaged really well! Shipping is reasonable and she is Canadian. I definitely do most of my ordering from here!!



EO Tools. I love this company! I get lots of my make and take labels and handouts from here. They are from the US, but the service rocks and the labels and additional material has yet to disappoint.



MEB. My Essentials Business, proudly Canadian. These guys are out of Toronto, so shipping takes a little longer, but they have one of the best selections in North America. If you are looking for a few really good oil books, they have a great stock! Sticker tops, rollerballs, containers etc.



Pure Life Balance. Out of Sherwood Park, this company is owned by a doTERRA diamond, Kim Smadis. Besides having a wonderful blog, very pretty website and being an extremely inspiring lady, she does have a pretty good online shop. You can even order online and pick up in Sherwood Park if you like as well, (I’ve done that one time, it was perfect).



Oil Life. This is another American company, but if you are looking for business tools and some really cool books and materials for learning more about essential oils, I highly recommend browsing this website!! It’s pretty beautiful too:o)



Aroma Tools. You can get EVERYTHING here!! It is another US site, but it is totally worth checking out. I’ve ordered books and business building materials from here, but seriously, they have everything. It is a doTERRA affiliated site too.



Rollerball Make and Take. This is exactly how it sounds…an online store for everything you need to set up and host your own make and take classes and parties. They have some pretty awesome labels! I have NOT ordered from here because I found the shipping quite expensive, but if you had a friend who wanted to share the shipping, it would be totally worth it.



Share Oils. Another oil accessory website, but this one is a little smaller, and I love their layout of their website.  They have a unique collection of containers that are not available on most of the other sites.



Essential Oil Style. This is just a really fun company who has the most awesome oil clothing line, plus all sorts of other “oil swag”. Their marketing and images they create are super funny too!! (I share them quite often)



Wood and Oils. This company is pretty unique and cool. Lots of really intriguing oil stands. Based out of California, they don’t have a website, but here’s their etsy page:



Priya Design Co. As some of you may know, this is the website of Kim Staples. If you are looking for the most beautiful diffusing malas on the planet…here they are!! Looking for a custom bracelet or mala? Check out Kim’s website:



Your Oil Tools. Another oil tools website based out of the States, but has some unique products of their own. Worth checking outJ



Got Oil Supplies. If you are looking for a brilliant, handy purse or bag to carry your oils in, this is the company!! You have to make sure you go and check out this site!!!



The EOS Lifestyle. I like this company because they have some pretty cool, customizable business tools. You can even order business cards from here. My favourite, though, (even though I have never ordered them), is their BAMBOO roller balls! I think their other rollerballs are one of the most classy looking on the market.


Whimsy and Wellness. I just love this little company for its super cute, very simple labels! If you love GOLD, you’ll love their stuff. If you are an Instagrammer, you’ll love their IG feed!



So, that’s about it! I honestly love all these companies, but when it comes to the basics, I stick to EO Nation because she’s a mom…just like many of us. Her shipping is fast, her service rocks, and her prices are comparable to all the other companies out there!!

To download and print the full list right from your computer, click below:

A list of some pretty cool essential oil tools and accessory websites


Have I missed anything?? If so, let me know in the comments below!!!

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