Aromatherapy and Your Practice. A 2 hour introductory workshop exploring the powerful synergy of yoga and essential oils.

I am so excited you are interested in joining me to learn more about how essential oils can be integrated into your practice!! This workshop is for the beginner to the advanced yogi…so basically everyone is welcome to attend:)


September 15, 9:30-11:30

I will guide you through the basics of essential oils combined with a gentle Hatha practice on Deanne Vanvolkingburgh-Smith’s acreage just 5 minutes out of town…in the YURT.

What’s a yurt???

Yurts and circular-tents like them have housed people in Central and East Asia for thousands of years. The portability and easy assembly of their homes was, and continues to be, crucial for nomadic communities. This tradition is indeed what give yurts their true beauty. And nothing short of the quintessential structure that represents natural harmony and living lightly on the earth.

Why practice in a yurt?

The beautiful circular space, natural beauty and sense of comfort provides the perfect surroundings for deep and peaceful focus and relaxation.

And so…Deanne and I are beyond excited to share a very special experience with you:

The powerful synergy of yoga, essential oils and your practice in the beauty of the yurt situated on a peaceful property only minutes out of Grande Prairie.

During the 2 hour session, we will be exploring:

  • The benefits of practicing yoga with essential oils
  • Safety to using plant essence in your practice
  • 2 key breathing techniques
  • The benefits (and a little bit of the science) of blending essential oils and meditation (centering & savasana)
  • How to make your own grounding spray

Adding essential oils to your yoga practice will accelerate or enhance your ability to overcome the mind though the body. Historically, oils have been used to aid in meditation that brings us to the present moment. By combining oils and yoga, I am hoping to bring the two disciplines together to heighten the impact for every one of you.

If you love the two hour workshop, and would like to join me for an in depth 6 week series, I have put together an entire series to run this Fall!

Please CLICK HERE for more details on the registered series (runs from Friday, Sept. 22-Oct. 27), (space is very limited).

To register for the 2 hour workshop only…please CLICK HERE.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to send me a message or text!!!


Text: 780-814-9663


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